Roller Shutters

Homeowners choose to install modern roller shutters in Mornington for a variety of reasons – they provide maximum control over light and privacy in the home, they can help to muffle noise, they improve the home’s security, and they can offer year-round protection against the elements.

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Choose Your Style

Single roller blinds


When operated manually, they feature a standard winder system installed on the inside of the home (no need to go outside). You will be able to operate the shutters at all times, even during a blackout.

Double roller blinds


When motorised, they can be raised or lowered at the push of a button. Choose from remote control or switch systems. We also have a range of motors available to meet potential power limitations.


Really happy with the product and service provided. A rep came out to our home to measure up our windows and discuss our options; the same rep came back out when the shutters arrived to install them for us (really handy, as he knew exactly where each one was going and what we wanted). Everything arrived when we were told it would, the installation process went smoothly and the shutters are exactly as described on the website.


Colours & Finishes

External roller shutters are available in a wide range of colours to ensure that they complement your façade with ease. Whether you want to match colours used elsewhere around your home (such as the roofing and garage door) or you want something that will stand out, we are sure to have a match. Our consultants can help you to make the most appropriate choice.

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Where to Use?

As their name suggests, exterior roller shutters are designed specifically for use on the outside of the home. They are mounted on the wall just above the window and will come down over the top, encompassing the whole surface. These shutters are suitable for both residential and commercial properties, so feel free to use them on your home and business.







Are these shutters a good choice if I’m concerned with energy efficiency?

In short, yes. A roller shutter can provide the room beyond with added insulation, helping to keep the internal temperature at a more comfortable level without the need for heating or air conditioning. What this means is that you’ll use these appliances less, leading to lower energy bills.

How do I care for these shutters?

Regardless of whether you’ve opted for manual or motorised outside roller shutters, they both have relatively low maintenance requirements. Every three months or so, give the ventilation holes and the surface in general a wipe down to remove any debris. Deep clean with a hose if desired.